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The turning point is an international workshop that allows a deep process of discovery, changing and transformation over a whole weekend. When we ask the right questions we can get to the place we really want. To find the quiet presence within us and to discover the existing connection between love, desire, and presence. Experience the union of the body, the emotion and the head, and return to the source of my power.

How do I connect to my life energy?

Am I fulfilling my deepest desires?

How do I get out of judgment and deep into acceptance and love?

What prevents me from living in freedom, from a powerful source?

What tools should I use to balance my head and emotion?

how to choose an authentic communication over dramatic communication?

What fears should I release in order to dance life freely?


A deep and powerful weekend. The knowledge and experience conveyed in the workshop will lead us to self acceptance, self-love and connection to the energy of life. Through powerful experiences we will understand deeply that there is no separation between spirituality and sexuality.


This workshop is suitable for any man or woman who wishes to deepen their connection and to enter a deep awareness that is assimilated in every step of the way and to those who wish to support others in the journey to freedom. here some of the topics that we will deepen in the workshop:


  • Knowledge of our limits and an accurate expression of our desires.


  • Techniques for releasing stress and pain from our physical bodies.


  • Giving up agendas and thoughts and knowing the wisdom of our authentic body.


  • Using an accurate and close communication, rather than distancing and confusing communication


  • Exit from judgment and deepening into love.


  • Choosing authenticity over drama in any situation that arises.

We will experience a spiritual and physical experience of opening the heart through a combination of quiet, movement and breathing.

The workshop is suitable for individuals and couples.

This is an opportunity to go through a journey that combines knowledge and experience that comes from around the world on a unique weekend.

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