Individual & Couples Therapy Sessions

Individual & Couples Therapy sessions are available by Skype, phone or in person and are completely private and confidential. During the process we examine whatever the issues are that you seek to resolve. These sessions provide a safe environment to discuss identity issues, intimate relationship, sexuality, anxiety, emotional blockages, shame, guilt and fears. We will look deeply into the problem in order to get to the root; to identify the core issue, and from that point of insight we work towards resolution and growth. I am going to help you work through your problems and come to a place of empowerment.

Individual therapy is available for adults and adolescents. Session length: 60 minutes.

150 $US per session.








Self-Mastery – Becoming A Fully Integrated Being


This path is only for those who are ready for a complete life transformation. It is a path to living with a Free Body, an Awakened Heart and a Still Mind.


Body - You will dive into your body patterns (physiological habits), healing distortions and blockages so as to restore the natural flow of chi (life-force energy). Learn how to reconnect with your body and listen to its innate wisdom. Release low self-esteem and embrace your uniqueness. Celebrate the sacred vehicle that is your physical body; move beyond fear, shame and guilt to discover your sexuality and inner power.   


Heart – We will investigate what closes your heart and triggers your emotional body and what your emotional triggers are. What is the connection between your attention and an open heart. You will learn different techniques for releasing old, stagnant emotional energy and discover how to return to your open heart space. You will receive tools to connect to your intuition and to find out what makes your heart sing.


Mind - We will find out what your state of mind is; are you using your thoughts or are they using you. You will discover how to free your consciousness from identifying with the constant stream of repetitive, negative, and self-limiting mental “chatter”. In the state of deep meditation you will learn who you are beyond what you think. How can you see the inner thought patterns and transform them into asking the right questions.


Self-Mastery is a One-on-One path. Training length: 36 sessions, a weekend workshop and Seven days of silent retreat.


This transformational path will take us through:

  • The release of fear, shame and guilt about your body and your sexual energy.

  • Different meditation techniques to calm your mind and elevate your consciousness.

  • Establishing healthy boundaries and freely expressing desire.

  • Powerful techniques to release pain from your physical body and emotional body.

  • Empowered, clear and open communication techniques including NVC.

  • How to create and hold sacred space.

  • Ways to raise your vibration and feel your energy level.

  • Transitioning from dramatic relationship into authentic relationship within and without.

  • Experience of your inner connection between Body, Heart and Mind.

  • Identifying those situations in your life that act as triggers and learning how to deal with them.

  • Awareness of our core thought-patterns and techniques for stepping out of them in order to experience the authentic body (witnessing the natural flow of our body).

  • Metaphysics teachings and lucid dreaming. Ways to integrate your conscious and subconscious mind.

  • Learn the art of embodiment (A healthy personality to serve yourself and to serve the world) through your awakening process.


$9,500 US for the complete program.