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Initiation path

This seven days shamanic retreat is for courage's individuals who are ready to dive into the realm of alchemy, transmutation and magic. If you are ready to discover what dwells beyond your known mind than this is the retreat for you.

During humanity’s evolution, layers of shame, fear and guilt have accumulated around the use of our sexual energy. long forgotten sacred rituals became a gate into the mysteries. here we come with faith and humbleness in order to unveil some of these mysteries. 


Magic & Eros 


in sacred rituals we invoke our support and learn what is the sacred work of Daka & Dakini or in other words what does it mean to be a sexual healer. 

Daka & Dakini were enlightened or highly insightful beings who often act as messengers, reminders and revealers of the initiation path through the wisdom of the body. In the first stage of the training, we create a safe space and learn how to release beliefs that do not serve us and reclaim our sovereignty by connecting to the strongest, creative energy that exists within us in order to manifest our deepest heart desires. during this stage we go into our personality in order to fully let go and drop inside into the essence of who we are beyond any survival patterns that operates through us.

By welcoming our shadows, we can take back the energy that is locked up in our fears and use it to deepen our inner and outer relationships. We will experience the differences between our masculine and feminine energies, learning how to unite them in sacred union within.

The embodiment of presence, We are going to learn how to hold space for our emotional body and our physical body in a new creative way. When we are out of thought we discover what dwells beyond our stories and we create a dipper connection to our true self. 


Separation into union

In the second stage of the training we move from the realm of separation into the realm of union. we come into "FLOW" state which means that our groups moves together as a unit in the same frequency. In a way it means that each individual is connected to themselves, the other and the space between in the same time. it is a state of absolute awareness that allows us to change our consciousness through transmutation of energy. in the "FLOW" state we are a group of explorers of new horizons and ancient rituals.

In this retreat we will go through different sessions and rituals. we will work with the medicine of Cacao, blindfolds - trusting the eyes of the body, silence, Dream teachings, different "pranayama" (breath) technique and sacred rituals that cannot be described in words. 

These are some of the topics we will go into in our retreat: 

• The release of fear, shame and guilt about your body and your sexual energy.
• Different meditation techniques to calm your mind and elevate your consciousness.
• The power of silence - discovering the inner source.
• Establishing healthy boundaries and freely expressing desire.
• Powerful techniques for emotional activation and connecting to our power.
• Fire breath techniques to bring our focus inward and support unique inner   experiences.
• How to create and hold sacred space including Invocation and intention.
• Learn ways to raise your vibration and feel your energy level.
• Discover who you are beyond your thoughts and personality.
• Cacao ceremonies for deep transformation and changing states of consciousness. 
• Experience of your inner connection between Body, Heart and Mind.
• Ancient sacred rituals of deep transformation.
• Metaphysics teachings and dreaming. Ways to integrate your conscious and   subconscious mind.
• Learn the art of embodiment (A healthy personality to serve yourself and the world) through your awakening process.

This is an opportunity to experience a unique journey that combine knowledge from around the world in a special transformative retreat that will have a lasting impact on your relationship with everyone you care about and, primarily, with yourself. 

If you are ready to live life as an awakened human being with an open heart and manifest your truth in the world we would love to see you with us.

This training is for singles and couples.

We recommend to join this retreat after completing the seven days seminar of "The Art of Love Intensive".

This training is for advanced practitioners and includes nudity.




Shamanic mysteries, poland, 10.17:


“Dear beloved and talented shachar,


I want to thank you and sharing you about my experience..

I will start by thanking you for your presence, your professionalism and for the investment that was evident through all  the workshop. Personally, I felt like the workshop was designed especially  for me!

I felt you.. Just like the words in Ehud Banai song “David and Shaul”:

“Ten fingers ...
The tip of each finger is a ray of light
When he is playing..
Time flows back”

That's how I ran back and forth, in and out to the sound of your playing with trust and devotion

I am sending you much love deep from my heart,

To you personally and to the holy doing.


Shamanic mysteries, poland, 10.17:


On this transformational journey each of the elements showed me another quality, another aspect of myself that I now trust and am proud of .

While my inner Shiva held space I was re-united with the Power of Dakini which is now amongst the most cherished memories I hold in this life.

The beautiful ‘container’ of this workshop with its skillful facilitator and supportive angel assistants even made me feel comfortable enough to let my dark side and shame come out and be seen in all its glory.

I may be from the stars but the Art of Love, Shamanic Mysteries firmly rooted me back into the earth and brought out the wild animal that has long been hiding inside.

So I will no longer downplay myself, my Shakti.

Today I rise. Today I share my power of the Divine Feminine with the world and I salute you, Shachar Caspi, for holding space and making this all happen in the course of one week. You truly are the real deal!



Caroline Van de Velde"



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