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The "Art of love school" weekend workshops invites you to dive deep into yourself through different states of consciousness. you can choose to begin your journey in three different initiations paths. these workshops are available around the world with our certified International facilitators team.  

The turning point

To find the quiet presence within us and to discover the existing connection between love, desire and presence. Experience the union between the body, emotion and consciousness. To return to the source of my power.


Presence and Eros

Sexual Shamanism workshop. The knowledge and experience that is transmitted in this workshop will lead us to self-exception, self-love and connection to our own life force. Acknowledging the "Eros" and its importance in our life.

The Inner Spring

To discover the silence beyond thoughts and to experience the inner and pleasant home that exists when the mind is clear and still.



Jane, Israel

The first day after a workshop is one of my favorite days.

There's something else in the morning coffee, I do not read emails like always, but thinking about everything I've been through in the past two and a half days, digesting experiences.

I was in “ presence and eros” workshop of shachar caspi in desert ashram, and I had an amazing weekend, moving between moments of pain and sadness for healing pleasure and peace ... and I ended with love.

In the safe and supportive space created by Shachar Caspi and his amazing team, demons that I have not seen for ages, from the depths of my stomach, from the cracks of my heart, surfaced and received healing and recognition, received a supportive hand.

I learned a lot.

I learned (a little more) to release.

I have learned to pay attention to the heart-mind-body before I jump off a cliff. To put it mildly, I like challenges. In the authentic language, I prefer to jump and "bear the consequences" than stay. I have no greater fear than sitting on the bars and not moving. This activates me a lot, and it is blessed and fun that I have a thirst for progress and learning, but it also requires regulation. It needs to be checked, is the jump complete or am I leaving behind parts that did not agree? And is it sometimes worthwhile to make a little smaller leap, and more complete?

I learned that it is OK to give a space inside of me for our collective pain as humanity and for mine as a human body.

I learned that the essence of blindfolding for me is to bring me peace and to release me from the judicial gaze directed at me from myself, and not from the environment.

I received an important reminder that I live with others around me, and it affects a lot of my elections, it devours a lot of cards.

I met a present and sensitive therapist who brought collective healing to the group and also to each participant. Every participation was given compassion, treated, understood and got healing. And the healing  brought the love for the whole space.

I had the privilege and the pleasure, I am grateful for the existence of such spaces. There is a lot of pain, and a lot of healing... You only have to find it and devote yourself in it, and these are two primary tasks, important, difficult and blessed.

Eliya, Belgium

One of the best and the most intense workshop I took part in. First of all it was time for great healing. With your help Shachar, I healed my birth giving experience. The energy that had been stocked in my hips for last two years, causing not only emotional but already physical pain, could move and be transformed. Thanks to it for a few days ago – and just two weeks after the workshop - I could assist in a beautiful home birth without sadness, regret nor pain, just with love and gratitude.

Art of Love was also time for meeting myself, for recognizing feminine and masculine part of me and for initiating a better contact between those two. During this weekend I met wonderful people, got both time and tools to find answers for

questions that were screaming in me for too long and made some important promises to myself that are already improving my life. With Love.

Ania, Poland

This training is one of the most heart, body and mind opening experiences of my life. I feel my life has transformed and I am starting a new life. I let go of old emotions and patterns and I have a new space inside me for love & Joy. The teacher created a space in which I felt safe. I recommend this training to everyone who is looking to tread their path in life.

Eti, Israel

This workshop saved my life.

Your ability to touch the smallest things and understand the basic human essence was so accurate and deep.

The workshop led me to enlightenment and inner understanding in a way that I never experienced.

So grateful for the personal attention and today I jump off cliffs beyond fear and fulfilling my deepest wishes.

Thank you so much.

Didam, Turkey

Wow :) I am so glad you came to Turkey to teach this amazing workshop. All weekend I could see the mirrors and dive deep into myself. Thanks to your strong and present masculine and your joyful & Wise feminine side i could really trust and surrender.

Thank you for designing & sharing this beautiful and powerful workshop. Thanks to you I hope we are going to have an "Art Of Love" community here.

Much love.

Alex, Israel

I am writing in behalf of me and my Beloved partner Olga. Olga experienced with me the magic of the last few days.

It was very eye-opening and heart opening, very simple and yet,  so powerful and full of excitement, love and acceptance of yourself and those around you.

We left the workshop as new people, no doubt better people than before, more complete and we have better understanding of

ourselves and those who share with us our lives and the different parts inside of us.

We have received from you, Shachar, lots of reassurance, love, attention, warmth and respect. You did it with your beautiful heart and soul. You moved us deeply,

Very important for me to mention!!! We felt all along that you respect all of the participants in the workshop. And you're also a teacher and one of us at the same time. you experience with us the experiences, go with us as we were going through

everything. We felt safe and confident to discover our blind spots.

And on the professional aspect, this workshop was built wisely. There was an understanding when to run forward and when to let go a little, combining the experience of listening and transformation.  Everyone were Involved and had an amazing experience. We felt great confidence in the way you lead us.

For us this was only the beginning of a new life and to the extent that it is up to us to we would like to continue this journey and meet more with you. You touched many different areas and we want to study from you and be in your presence.

Thank you so much, we love you.

Christal, Belgium

Coincidence doesn’t exist. The right time, place and workshop…. The beautiful spontaneous mix of being vulnerable and holding space from a man is a nice experience. It’s not just a workshop, it is a way of life. This is the ‘more’ you bring in.

Thank you, It is very inspiring and gives me trust for the future.

Dyane, Turkey

Dear Shachar,

"When the student is ready, the teacher appears"

I feel blessed to have experienced this workshop with you.

Thank you for all you have done to become a teacher. Thank you for speaking openly and authentically to me. Thank you for changing the structure and modifying it after meeting us. Thank you for providing such a safe space in which we can explore our masculine and feminine.

I am grateful for the chance to meet parts of myself that I have neglected or not yet met.

Daniel, Israel

The workshop was pleasant, deep and accurate. Shachar found a way to deal with sexuality and life in a clean and clear way. I felt that Shachar cared for everyone in the workshop I really appreciate what we have experienced in the workshop. A

combination of finesse and depth. I'd be happy to recommend this workshop for other people (even main stream people).

Tessy, Belgium

Thanks to your masculine ‘holding space’, my feminine ‘hysteria’ could show up without fear. During the exercise on healthy masculine ‘Are you ready to show up?’ you said to me: ‘this is for all the times mankind didn’t dare to show up!’ This touched my very core and moved me to decide that it was my duty in this life to show myself.

Thank you for all your wise being and strong presence…

Valeria, Belgium

Dear Shachar,

Thank you for your attention and patience. When we began I thought this workshop wasn't for me but you helped me to see what was behind my resistance. I managed to go deeper beyond my criticism and reach my breakthrough. It helped me discover things about myself that I was not aware of. I came here looking for a certain type of workshop with acertain understanding of myself and judgments about my personality. I leave this workshop with much more awareness of my boundaries, patterns, blocks, weaknesses and desires. I have now the desire and willingness to go beyond my fears and patterns.


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