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Seven days - A new life

This seven days intensive retreat is for courage's individuals who are ready for a deep transformational journey. If you are ready to live with a Free Body, an Awakened Heart and a Still Mind our training is designed for you.


During humanity’s evolution, layers of shame, fear and guilt have accumulated around the use of our sexual energy. Many people’s life force remains blocked and depleted by unconscious thought patterns stemming from a deep separation between sexuality, love and presence – the split of spirit and matter.


Today’s society remains predominantly anti-pleasure and information on the beauty, power and wisdom of how to direct and share our sexual energy in order to manifest our dreams is not readily available. Addressing this wounding is vital to return to our natural state of being.

In this training, we learn how to release beliefs that do not serve us and reclaim our sovereignty by connecting to the strongest, creative energy that exists within us in order to manifest our deepest heart desires. By welcoming our shadows, we can take back the energy that is locked up in our fears and use it to deepen our inner and outer relationships. We will experience the differences between our masculine and feminine energies, learning how to unite them in sacred union within.


The embodiment of presence, We are going to learn how to hold space for our emotional body and our physical body in a new creative way. When we are out of thought we discover what dwells beyond our stories and we create a dipper connection to our true self. Our inner marriage enables us to step out of codependent relationships with those we love and move into authentic, empowered, loving unions.


We invite you to find your unique breakthrough and manifest what makes your heart sing.


These are some of the topics we will go into in our retreat:

  • The release of fear, shame and guilt about your body and your sexual energy.

  • Different meditation techniques to calm your mind and elevate your consciousness.

  • The power of silence - discovering the inner source.

  • Establishing healthy boundaries and free expression.

  • Powerful techniques to release pain from our physical body and emotional body.

  • Fire breath techniques to bring our focus inward and support unique inner experiences.

  • Empowered, clear and open communication techniques including NVC.

  • How to create and hold sacred space.

  • Learn ways to raise your vibration and feel your energy level.

  • Discover who you are beyond your thoughts and personality.

  • Transitioning from dramatic relationship into authentic relationship within and without.

  • Experience of your inner connection between Body, Heart and Mind.

  • Identifying those situations in your life that act as triggers and learning how to deal with them.

  • Awareness of our core thought-patterns and techniques for stepping out of them in order to experience the authentic body (witnessing the natural flow of our body).

  • Learn the art of embodiment (A healthy personality to serve yourself and the world) through your awakening process.

The transformation of our centers


Physical - You will dive into your body patterns (physiological habits), healing distortions and blockages so as to restore the natural flow of chi (life-force energy). Learn how to reconnect with your body and listen to its innate wisdom. Release low self-esteem and embrace your uniqueness. Celebrate the sacred vehicle that is your physical body; move beyond fear, shame and guilt to discover your sexuality and inner power.


Emotional – We will investigate what closes your heart and triggers your emotional body and what your emotional triggers are. What is the connection between your attention and an open heart. You will learn different techniques for releasing old, stagnant emotional energy and discover how to return to your open heart space. You will receive tools to connect to your intuition and to find out what makes your heart sing.


Mental - We will find out what your state of mind is; are you using your thoughts or are they using you. You will discover how to free your consciousness from identifying with the constant stream of repetitive, negative, and self-limiting mental “chatter”. In the state of deep meditation you will learn who you are beyond what you think. How can you see the inner thought patterns and transform them into asking the right questions. what it means to be fully present in your life...


Spiritual - what is sacred? How can I connect to the space beyond thinking? where is the source of intuition? how does a ceremonial experience feels like? how can you dive into the mystery and discover your energy body? why are you truly here? and more...

This training is for singles and couples.

This is an opportunity to experience a unique journey that combine knowledge from around the world in a special transformative retreat that will have a lasting impact on your relationship with everyone you care about and, primarily, with yourself.

If you are ready to live life as an awakened human being with an open heart we would love to see you with us.


This training is for advanced practitioners and includes nudity.




Art of love intensive, israel, 9.2017


Wow, I do not even know where to start ... You could say I went through a whole lifetime in one week ...

I love myself, my body, my sexuality, who I am ...

I do not cover my hips anymore because maybe they're too big ... or think my chest is too small ...

I am a woman. I am beautiful. I'm powerful. I'm amazing exactly the way I am!!!

Whoever knows me from my childhood, knows i was not one of the popular girls at school and even during elementary school I was bullied.

I felt the most unattractive person in the whole world and that no one wants to be my friend ... I felt alone .. After years with a significant external change and a circle of friends who only expanded I thought it was all behind me but I soon realized that my inner child is hurt and scared and that there is still much more to pass before I feel safe again. Over the past few years I have gone through many journeys into the soul and self-discovery.

I learned to love myself again, I rebuilt myself, I developed and matured, and I discovered much more about myself than I thought existed ... about me and about the world ...

In my journey, the universe brought me together with Shachar Caspi, a man, a friend, a mentor and an amazing and sharp therapist with a golden heart, a man I thank everyday for the connection with him. Encounter from heaven. In the last workshop of Shachar, “the art of  love intensive”, I felt the most significant change I had when it came to fear, guilt and shame That I had and I believe that we are all have  about our body, our sexuality, and how much it hurts and weakens us.

I discovered a renewed intensity. security. I dived into all the fears I have ever had, there were crying and difficulties  but I came out the strongest I can remember myself! And I found a family, an amazing family! I love myself! All of me !! And I learned that there is much to love!

I highly recommend to anyone who wants a very significant change in his life, to love yourself, to accept yourself and go through a journey into yourself in a very profound and intense way, to go through this journey! Thank you shachar for your love and caring and for all the gifts you bring  to this world!  See you at the next workshop…




The Art of Love intensive retreat, Poland 5.2017

There is no doubt that I am at the highest and deepest point of my life right now. I participated in a week in which I really met myself for the first time in thirty years and the encounter simply turned my reality upside down. 

I met with Power and depth of a kind I have never experienced before. And i was blessed because my personal experience was pleasurable in levels I had never experienced. It was an intense journey. In a vast healing process, my mind was redefined, through experiences that emphasized to me in my mind and body exactly who is the mind and who is the body and the emotions. Or who is my masculine, and who is the feminine in me. Everything is just words, 
I do not want to exaggerate in words because the words really do wrong to reality, and it is impossible to describe an experience. 

I'm determined not to think and grind what was and leave it at the magical level of the experience. 


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