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The "Inner spring" is a weekend workshop of that allows us the deep connection into the source of our being. To discover the silence beyond thoughts and to experience the inner and pleasant home that exists when the mind is clear and still..

During the retreat we go into various meditations and a pars of the weekend is experienced  in  silence and solitude with the art of love support team.

There are two situations in which we dwell in our lives. Usually, the more common situation is when are thoughts use us and we operate from our mind without noticing and sometimes we come to silence and clarity in order to use thinking when it is needed. our center is a home of awareness and we are awake when we choose our next steps on our journey of self realization . Here we will release what prevents us from living in our center that exists within.

Who am I ?

What happens to me when I am still and aware ?


How can I live in my center?


How can one feel the "Being" in everyday life?


How to discover the world of dreaming and our sub-consciousness ?


This workshop is suitable for any man or woman who wishes to deepen their connection and enter a state of deep awareness to

each step along the path. it is for those who wish to create safe spaces and support the development processes of people in the journey of liberation and freedom.

Some of the topics we will explore in our workshop:

  • What is presence?

  • Meditation and observation

  • Learning the "operating system" of our reality.

  • Isolation and silence as tools for direct connection to self.

  • directing attention to the "abundance" in our lives.

  • Understanding the dream space as a way to connect the subconscious and unite our duality.

  • Wakefulness in everyday life.


The retreat is suitable for individuals and couples.

This is an opportunity to embark on a journey that comes from various traditions (Gautemela, Egypt, North American tribes) of the initiation paths to awaken in a unique weekend.

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