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Become a Certified Therapist and guide others on the path of transformation & empowerment

Live your passion, awaken your soul and support others to reclaim their power and live a fully integrated life. Experience the path of self-realization and lead individuals and groups to discover how it is to live with a still mind, open heart and an awakened body.


Being a Therapist is about supporting others to develop and to accomplish their own learning. To be a good therapist, therefore, means being able to listen and facilitate objectively; asking the right questions to allow the person to find their own solutions rather than solving people’s problems for them. Learn to guide others to identify and clear their blockages in order to reconnect with their inner strength, and bring forth their unique gifts.


The important skills in Integrative Psychotherapy are:


  • Presence and the ability to hold a safe space.

  • Active listening and asking precise questions to identify the key issues.

  • Giving a clear and direct reflection at the appropriate moment.

  • Assisting the person in changing their mind-set from being a victim of circumstance to being the active creator of their life.

  • Witnessing without judgment in order to support a deep transformational process.

  • Managing the group dynamics and facilitating individual sessions.

  • Knowing how to deal with dense emotions and blockages that might come up during the process.  


Becoming a Therapist of Integrative Psychotherapy


Integrative Psychotherapy offers three different Therapist programs ranging from 8 to 12 months focusing on one-on-one sessions; relationship therapy (couples); and guiding groups and seminars in transformational processes. These programs are available by Skype, phone or in person. (However, part of the Program Leader course does require meeting in person). It's important to find the course which best matches both your passion and skills. Three months of post-program support includes advice on getting started and marketing and personal review of your first three client processes.


I am very interested and want to take the next step!

The decisions you make at the beginning of your journey will lay down the foundations for your future as a Therapist. Please choose which program is most suitable for you.


  • Integrative Psychotherapy - Learning Meditation, Accessing the Subconscious Mind, Psychotherapy, Breath work and the tools to support and facilitate one-on-one sessions. Program length – 8 months.


  • Relationship Therapy - Holding Space, Non-Violent Communication, Healthy Intimacy, Organic pace  and the tools to support and facilitate one-on-one and couples sessions. Program length – 10 months.


  • Program Leader - Learning how to hold space, Emotional Release tools, and the Reflection Process. Acquiring a special set of skills in order to facilitate a group process. Participating in group workshops and receiving practical experience in assisting and leading transformational group sessions. This training includes a seven day silent retreat and two weekend workshops. Program length – 12 months.