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Shachar is the founder of “Nativ”, an international school for group facilitators, teaching the skills and knowledge he has gathered from many years of leading seminars and retreats on sexual shamanism, therapy, transformation and mindfulness in Israel and around the world.

Following 7 years as a team commander in the Israeli Air Force Commando Unit, Shachar went

on to create a coffee chain in the Balkans. Realizing that he was not discovering the answers he

searched for, he went on a journey to discover who he really is. In 2010, Shachar travelled to

Guatemala where he spent 2 years studying at The Pyramids Del Ka, an Egyptian mystery

school specialising in lucid dreaming, meditation, and Kabbalah studies.  During this exploration

he experienced long periods of isolation and undertook intensive silent retreats of 40 and 90 days where he discovered the importance of direct connection to our life force.


Shachar invites you to expand your consciousness and tread the authentic heart's path that

exists in each of us. Experience how to connect our Kundalini (sexual energy, Shakti) with the

Cosmos (presence, Shiva) in our heart space, releasing old patterns that do not serve us and

connecting to our essence that dwells beyond our stories. Find the simplicity and beauty

that awaits in the now.


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